Analytical review “Financing of the education sector in the Kyrgyz Republic”

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Education expenses are the one of key indicators of social development as they reflect the degree of attention paid by the government and society to citizens’ education. Investment into education is not only the main way of enhancement of  country’s human stock and improvement of prospects of economic development, they have own value also as the education broadens horizons for people, provides them with opportunity of self-fulfillment, contributes to their material welfare and healthy life style.

The quality and competitiveness of education services can be improved under availability and effective use of all types of resources and funding resources first of all. Under conditions of existing market relations in economy, the successful development of education system is provided by involving and use of various financing sources.

Meanwhile, the most important role keeps to played by the only guaranteed financing source- government budget.

The existing condition of the education system is characterized by the deficiency in public funds allotted for functioning of the sector.  Many other problems existing in the education system (content and quality of education, availability of education for various population layers, development of relations with labor market etc) are often directly related to insufficient financing.

The document provides analysis of the financing system in the education system in the Kyrgyz Republic in comparison with some other countries (France, Czech Republic, Russia, Estonia).

Within the framework of the research, quantity and quality aspects of financing of other education levels are analyzed, possible directions of estimation of their efficiency are considered and main directions of improvement of education state financing model are defined.