National Sustainable Development Strategy for the Kyrgyz Republic for the period of 2013-2017

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Our strategic vision of Kyrgyzstan in the long term is of a strong and independent country that is part of the developed countries, a place that is comfortable for living, a place where their rights, freedoms and security are ensured, a multi-lingual and friendly domestic environment governed by the rule of law, a country with high level of education, healthy natural environment, public stability, international image of state with stable background, robust economic growth and high attractiveness for investors.

In the next five years (period of 2013-2017) Kyrgyzstan faces a task of succeeding as a democratic state with stable political system, dynamically growing economy and stable growth in the incomes of its citizens.

This National Strategy of Sustainable Development for the Kyrgyz Republic for the period 2013-2017 (“the Strategy”) is designed to ensure achievement of this task.