Guidelines for the creation and development of a national model for monitoring and evaluation in the field of education

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The Manual provides a description of monitoring and evaluation, as well as specific materials that underlie the development and implementation of new elements of the monitoring and evaluation system in education – the monitoring and evaluation model, as well as specific documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic: orders and methodology for monitoring and assessments within these elements. Also recommended are the templates for monitoring the change processes in schools. The management has been prepared within the framework of the joint project of the Foundation. K. Adenauer and the Ecological Movement “BIOM”, implemented with the support of the European Union – “Stimulating and monitoring reforms in education in the Kyrgyz Republic.” The project aims to enhance the role and capacity of the Public Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the KR and the expert community in the decision-making system for reforming the education system and increasing the transparency of reforms for society.